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My Good Deed

At my school there is a coffee cart and the woman who runs it put up a bookshelf for people to have an exchange. The cart is closed for the summer but the bookcase is still there. I took a couple of books there last week and found one that looked interesting. It was a library book from somewhere in Minnesota and, at second glance, it didn't look like it had been sold from the library. I was curious so I googled the library and wrote an email to the contact address, asking if it was still in circulation or if they had sold or given it away. They wrote right back and said, "if there is a black line through the barcode, it was sold. If there is no black line, we'd like to have it back." There was no black line, so I went to the library--it's so nice to have a library where I work! (lots of books and I get to remember J and J!)- and asked the woman there if she could send it for me. She readily agreed. I got a nice message from the folks up north thanking me for my detective work! See all those Robert B Parker novels weren't for nothing.


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Jun. 10th, 2010 12:49 pm (UTC)
Detective work, yeah, aren't cell phones cool where we can call MN and ask them a question when we want to without changing our lifestyle to pay for it.
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