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April is Poetry Month

Writer's Digest has the challenge again. I'm not doing all of them so far but here are the ones I've gotten done.

The Last First Time

I’ll be sitting in the damn wheelchair
With my teeth on the bed table
And you will appear in some human form
Striding strong and shiny
And I’ll think just before I die laughing at myself,
“Are you the one?”

Woke Up Too Soon

So I was watching this old star trek where the woman doesn’t know who she is until she bonds with her mate then she becomes who he wants her to be and I thought: there I am, that’s who I am and remembered when I settled with you but I had to guess what you would like... not the girl in the story, she just knew... but it turned out she had problems: she woke up too soon and connected with the captain instead of the man she had been promised to on the other planet and so she had to fake it with the new guy which she was really good at and I thought: there I am, that’s who I am.

Self-Destruct Button

Armor wasn’t part of the original package
And the invisibility cloak was shot
Then I found this button
Lodged in the recesses
Turns out I’d been pushing it for years
Not knowing what it was for.

About Love

Her instinct is to shield him:
let no one hear him try to sing
keep him from the mirrors of the
too-well groomed

She doesn’t think
when she puts out her hand
to stop him,
he's already held in by the seatbelt.

She proves she loves his faults:
is interested in the daily monologue
amused by
the stepped-over clothes on the floor

So when he’s dying
she spends all she has
to try to hear the words in his delirium
to pick up the pieces of him
scattered across the floor.


I think I may have hidden out too long
There is a shocking difference to the
Landscape-- the trees too tall to climb,
Flowers out of reach
Now I know
about as well as I know anything
the brevity of hours left to me

With choice always so hard,
chances to choose again rattle in my pockets
like a few pennies
What was that rush and glow that made me willing?
What was that pain that made me paralyzed?
It really is long ago
and far from who I am.
Too soon became too late
when I glanced the other way.

The Not Empty

The mountains in the distance are not yet blue
winter ‘s grey not yet overtaken
the room you lived in has not been cleared
the house not yet ready for the disassembly

Your books are not yet sorted
the ones not read not yet pulled from the others
I don’t yet know if they will tell me
Who you were, not ready to stay.


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Apr. 18th, 2010 03:23 am (UTC)
Very nice... Deep stuff. Romantic really. Wow!
Apr. 18th, 2010 08:02 pm (UTC)
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